Happy New Academic Year: 1395 – 2016

I would like to congratulate to the new entry students and happy new collage year 1395 to old ones. You can see my program in IAUM at below.


Presence in Office/Classroom in IAUM during Semester Fall 2016 (First 95-96):


Days 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20
Saturday Office Session #1 Office Office Office
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Monday Office Meeting Meeting Office
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Happy New Year 1395

Dr. Vafaei Jahan as Executive Chair of the First Numerical method on CIVIL engineering NMCE 2016

NMCE 2016

Dr. Vafaei Jahan as Executive Chair of NMCE 2016


The First National Numerical Methods in CIVIL Engineering was hosted by Islamic Azad University – Mashhad Branch, Dr. Vafaei Jahan said as Executive Chair of the conference. In this event, beyond the 298 submitted paper, 71 accepted paper were presented and also, 8 workshops were established by 408 participants.




7 Workshop Posters NMCE 2016 Brochure NMCE 2016 Call For Proposal

The Research Week program in Ferdowsi University

The research week 2016 program at Ferdowsi university has been issued. All students can use these useful SCIIP seminar with excellent presentations.Link to Download –> SCIIP 2016 Research Week


Dr. M. Vafaei Jahan presentation at SCIIP 2016 seminar

Buy Online: An Introduction to Computer Modeling and Simulation (In Persian)

پوستر خرید آنلاین کتاب مبانی مدلسازی و شبیه سازی کامپیوتری An Introduction to Computer Modeling and Simulation (In Persian)Majid Vafaei Jahan, Islamic Azad University – Khate Aval Press, 2013.>>>>> 

Buy Online:  320 Pages, 215000 Rials.


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ISI, ISC Paper Writing Workshop

The workshop of ISI paper writing was held by Dr. M.V Jahan and Dr. M.R Bozorgmehr at Ejtemaat’ Tallar, Department of engineering (1394/05/08). During in this workshop over 52 faculty members and students attended and 8 hours practicing paper writing.You can download the Dr. Vafaei Jahan slides at this link

Online Course Service: Dr Majid Vafaei Jahan

The new Online Course Service (OCS) has been started on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr 1394 (18 June 2015) by Dr. Majid Vafaei Jahan. This service upload the Online Courses/Virtual Classes videos in first step. You can download the last online courses in OCS as following:

Video Description Format/Size Link to
Non-Ergodic Markov Chain (Farsi) mp4/25 MG DropBox link
HMM: Viterbi Algorithm (Farsi)  mkv/37 MG DropBox Link

ICTCK 2015

The Second International Congress on Technology, Communication and Knowledge  (ICTCK2015) will be held on ۱۱-12 November 2015 in Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University .

The Second online International Congress on technology , communication and knowledge  (ICTCK2015) will be held on ۱۱-12 November 2015 in Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University .Topics of congress are in the electricity, telecommunications, computer and biomedical engineering with scientists, experts and researchers ,that they will present the latest scientific achievements .The congress is composed of five separate conference that will be held simultaneously:

 The 4th International Conference on Information Technology: Present and Future ( ITPF2015 )

The 2nd International Conference on Electronic, Communication Control and Power Engineering(ECCP2015)

The 2nd International Conference on Knowledge, information and software engineering(ICKIS2015)

The 3rd International Conference on Complex and Intelligent Systems (IINCS2015)

The 2nd International Conference on Medical Engineering and Health Technology(IMEHT2015)

Authors are invited to submit papers through the conference Submission system. Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this conference.

ICTCK accepts only high-quality papers for its conference proceedings, which are subject to a thorough and objective review process of at least 2 independent reviewers.

The proceedings will be published in printed conference books and and will also be made available online.

NOTE: Proceedings of ICTCK2015 will be included into scientific databases such as IEEE, CIVILICA; in addition, the best papers will be asked to submit the extended version of their papers for publication consideration in ISC or ISI journals, listed by congress site.

Congratulation to Mis. Mahdieh Zabihi

I would like to congratulate to Mis. Zabihi because of his paper acceptance at  ISeCure Journal. This prestigious journal is ISC certificate and scientific qualification certificate.

Conference: IINCS2014

It is a pleasure to welcome to all faculty, students, researchers, and industry delegates to the 2014 Conference onIntelligent Networks and Complex Systems. The concepts of complexity and uncertainty have long puzzled the best of human minds, from the ancient Egypt to the ancient Greece and up to the modem era. Yet, the beauty of creation is that what seems to be so complex proves to be so simple. As man struggles to reach better performance, longer life, less energy consumption, and better predictions for his artificially made systems, addressing complexity becomes more and more important. The applicability of this field is wide and enormous. So, we come from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, mathematics, economics, and sciences to mention a few. And we usually work on our separate departments. The IINCS conference aims to create a unique opportunity for the university faculty, industry researchers as well as the students in this field to get together and exchange their innovative ideas and results, and to reach new conclusions. This conference is pan of the ISSSI’s initiative to suppot1 special topic conferences in the various special topic areas of intelligent systems. This year, the IINCS conference takes place on the campus of the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad. Iran from 29-30 October, 2014. Mashhad is a particularly enlightening city to visit because of holy shrine of Imam Reza (peace be upon him) as well as several historically significant museums and historical landmarks such as Tomb of Nader, Imam Reza museums and Tomb of Ferdowsi, the great poet of Farsi Language. We hope that the event will give you a pleasant and enriching experience in all aspects of your visit.

Arrangements are being made with the IEEE for indexing the accepted papers in the IEEEXplore database. 


—>  Conference Tracks:

Intelligent signal processing, web search engines, agents, Communication Networks, Data Analysis;

Adaptive problem solving, Heuristic search, Automated Learning, Pattern Recognition;

Modeling Social Networks, Biological Complexity;

Evolution of Complexity, Complex Networks, Engineered Complexity, Collective Behavior;

Web intelligence, Hybrid artificial intelligent systems, Clustering and Classification;

Markov Modeling, Hidden Markov Model, Bayesian Networks, Finance Modeling;

Foundations of Complex Systems, Complexity, Information and Computation;


—>  Call For Paper: EN, FA;