Happy Nowroze 1393

Congratulation to Mr. Iman Akbari and Mr. M. Ghoraishi for new journal paper

It is pleased to inform the sincere congratulation to Mr. Iman Akbari and Mr. M. Ghoraishi for new journal paper  ”Modeling and optimization of hydrogen production plant via artificial neural network and genetic algorithm” that has been accepted for publication in ISC Journal of Applied Research in Chemistry.

Congratulation to Mr. Morteza Hossaini for new Journal Paper

It is pleased to inform the sincere congratulation to Mr. Morteza Hossaini for new journal paper  ”Generating Pseudo-Random Numbers by Combining Two Systems with Complex Behaviors” that has been accepted for publication in elsevier Journal of Information Security and Applications.

Dr. Vafaei Jahan

Dr. Vafaei Jahan: Presentation

I invite you to attend to my new presentation “Structure Analysis of Computer Viruses: From Theory to Application“Presentation Time: 12:00; 1392/09/10 (2013/12/01); Amfi Theater Hall; Engineering Department ;Islamic Azad University – Mashhad Branch.

Please Download Presentation Announcement: Announcement Slide In Farsi

Presentation Slides: Slides

Second Edittion: An Introduction to Computer Modeling and Simulation, By: Majid Vafaei Jahan

I would like to introduce the Second Edition of my book “An Introduction to Computer Modeling and Simulation, By: Dr. Majid Vafaei Jahan“, You read in this edition:

-> Computer Simulation: Monte Carlo Simulation and Data Sampling.

-> Analysis of Data: Random Data and Analysis.

-> Optimization Algorithms: Random Walk Algorithms and Evolutionary Methods,

-> Markov Processes: Markov Chains and Continuous time Markov Process.

-> Queue Theory: The Markov Model of Queues and Queue Network Modeling.

-> Markov Learning and Decision: Hidden Markov Model, Markov Decision Process.

-> Data Modeling: Bayesian Belief Networks and Naive Bayes Network.

ostad 01

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Top Teacher Award was won by Dr. Majid Vafaei Jahan in teacher’s day celebration. This praise was awarded each year by the president of the university to the master teacher of Islamic Azad university-Mashhad branch at teacher’s day (The Motahari’s martyrdom day).

Happy New Year 1392

 Lets Celebrate …


Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new , Lets cherish each moment it beholds , Lets celebrate this blissful Nowruz.

Happy Hijri Shamsi New Year 1392

M. Vafaei Jahan

Congratulation to Mr. Geraily

I would like to congratulate to Mr. Geraily, because of his paper acceptance from Islamic Azad University Technical engineering Journal. This prestigious journal is ISC with Islamic Azad University qualification licence.

Islamic Azad University – Mashhad Branch Top Researcher Award 2012

In the last day of the Iranians’ research and technology week (December 20, 2012), researchers premier ceremony of the Islamic Azad University - Mashhad Branch was held. Dr. Majid Vafaei Jahan was awarded by Islamic Azad University Mashhad Branch’s top researcher committee.   Dr. Vafaei Jahan received the best top researcher award 2012 in engineering field; and also he has been awarded by prime minster of Islamic Azad University – Region 9 (Include Mashhad Branch) ; the best top published book writer and the best published paper award.



The Scientific Exhibition at Research and Technology Week

At December 14 to 20 (The Research and technology week), the Scientific Exhibition will be held in Engineering department campus. So many scientific department of Islamic Azad university display their research attachments to enthusiasts. I encourage my students to participate to this exhibition.