The Blockchain Technology LAB on the supervision of Prof. Vafaei Jahan works on these projects:

7- Providing adaptive model-based behavior of investors in financial markets based on news events, Starts 2016, 70% Progress.

6- Designing a Private Organization Blockchain, Starts 2018, 30% Progress.

5- Modeling Financial Time Series Based on Multi Fractal Correlation Analysis, Starts 2016, 90% Progress.

4- Designing New pow-pos digital currency for private organization, Starts 2019, 40% Progress.

3- Business Analytics of scattering digital currency on business improvements, 0% Progress.

2- Analysis of Financial time series based on Profile Hidden Markov Model. Starts 2013, Finished (Persion Journal Paper).

1- SAIGA: Fast distributed Big Data Analysis of Financial time series based on Risk/Return Asset correlations, Starts 2007, Finished (6 ISI-Journal Papers)