Research Topics

Some current research topics have been listed below; M.Sc student can select this topics as seminar course as well as master thesis.

Research Topics 2015
1 Stock Market Prediction: Hidden Markov Model (HMM) or Bayesian Network (BN) Mis. SadrNeghad
2 Stock Market Prediction: Neural Network (NN), Statistical Analysis (SA) Mr. Mostafapoor
3 Malicious Code or Virus Analysis: HMM, NN, ANFIS, BN, SA Mis. Hatami
4 Intrusion Detection: HMM, NN, ANFIS, BN, SA
5 Persian Handwriting Detection: Markov Model (MM), HMM, BN  Mr. Safari
6 Sign Detection: MM, HMM, BN Mis. Anbaee
7 Face Detection and Analysis: HMM, MM, BN
8 Web Recomendation, Collaborative Filtering, Folksonomy: HMM, BN, SA Mis. Fahimi,Mr. Faridani
Research Topics 2014
1 Bayesian Network Analysis and its Sensitivity Analysis for the Questionnaire Investigation
on SNS
2 The Use of Body Motion Analysis as an Artificial Neural Network Method for Personal Identification (pdf)
3 Optimal Treatment of Queueing Model for Highway (pdf)
4 Chaotic Random Bit Generator (pdf)
5 A Hybrid Approach Based on Genetic Algorithm for Mixed-Integer Bilevel Programming Problems (pdf)
6 Mutative Genetic Algorithms (pdf)
7 Stock Forecasting using Hidden Markov Processes (pdf) Mis. Farshchian
8 Exploring Hidden Markov Models for Virus Analysis: A Semantic Approach (pdf) Mis. Ghezelbigloo

Mis. Shabani

Mr. Pechaz9Profile Hidden Markov Model and Metamorphic Virus Detection(pdf)Mr.Karimian

Mr. Salehi10Using Markov Decision Processes to Solve a Portfolio Allocation Problem(pdf)

Research Topics 2013
1 Designing Bayesian Network for Stock Market Prediction +
2 Stock Market Prediction By Markov Decision Process +
3 Stock Market and Time Series: Prediction of Stock Index by Time Series Analysis  +
4 Stock Market Prediction By Stochastic Analysis +
5 Fractal Analysis of Stock Market Index +


Research Topics 2012
1 Detection of Malicious Attacks on Web Applications Based on HMM Mr. Geraeily
2 Detection of Web Robot Attack on Web Applications Mis. Layeghi
3 Link Prediction and Path Analysis Using Markov Chains
4 A Web Log Mining System Based on Learning Automata or Markov Decision Process (MDP)
5 Statistical Analysis of Random Graphs
6 Statistical Analysis of the Malicious Software Structure and Behavior
7 The Recognition of Malicious Code Patterns
8 Markov Chain Analysis of Malicious/Normal Code Mr. Dehghan
9 Finding Sub-Graph Clique Based on MetaHeuristic Local Search Algorithm (Extremal Optimization) Mis. Grivani
10 The Application of Spin Glasses in Network Communication Chanel Coding  Mr. Frozanfar
11 Portfolio Selection Based On Markov Decision Process
12 Web Usage Mining and Learning Process
13 Solving the Competition scheduling Model in professional Football leagues 
14 Solving The Capacitated Clustering Problem By Heuristic Methods
15 Solving Chance Constrained Capital Budgeting Problem by Heuristic Methods
16 Intelligence Detecting Dead Codes for Computer Virus Code Verification
17 Intelligence Detecting Garbage Codes for Computer Virus Code Verification
18 Design and Implementation of Deassembler for 8086 Machines
19 Detecting Signature Based Viruses Based on Machine Learning
20 The Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Inference System for Web Robot Detection
21 The Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Inference System for File type Detection
22 Bayesian Network and Web Robot Detection 
23 Bayesian Network and Malicious Code Detection
24 Web Robot Detection by Monte Carlo