Online Course Service (OCS)

The new Online Course Service (OCS) has been started on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr 1394 (18 June 2015) by Dr. Majid Vafaei Jahan. This service upload the online course videos in first step. You can download the last online courses in OCS as following:
OCS Topics
 Issue Related Courses Video Description Present By Format/Size Link to
1394-05-10 Paper Writing ISI, ISC Paper Writing Dr. M.V Jahan pdf/5.5 MB VafaeiJahan Link
1394-04-28 Computer System Modeling
Stochatic Processes
MATLAB Application
Ergodic Markov Chain (Farsi)
Example wit MATLAB
Dr. M.V Jahan mp4/17 MG Axon Links
1394-04-26 Computer System Modeling
Stochastic Processes
Non-Ergodic Markov Chain (Farsi)
Example with MATLAB
Dr. M.V Jahan mp4/25 MG YouTube Link
1394-04-25 Hidden Markov Modeling HMM: Viterbi Algorithm (Farsi)
Example with MATLAB
Mis. SadrNeghad mkv/37 MG DropBox Link
1394-04-11 Simlation Sustems
GPSS Coding
Simple Queue Simulation (Farsi)
Example with GPSS
Mr. Javad Baloch mp4/88 MG DropbBox Link
1394-04-20 Hidden Markov Modeling
Computer System Modeling
HMM: from Theory to Applications
(The Presentation of Dr. M.V Jahan at Islamic Azad University (Spring 2015))
Dr. M.V Jahan pdf/ 1 MG VafaeiJahan Link
1394-02-11 Dynamical Systems
Fractal Dimension
Computer System Modeling
Calculation Fractal Dimension of Many Dimensions Problems
(The Presentation of Dr. M.V Jahan at Islamic Azad University (Fall 2014))
Dr. M.V Jahan pdf/1 MG VafaeiJahan Link
1394-10-06 Forward Algorithm for HMM HMM: Forward Algorithm (Farsi)with MATLAB Axon Links
1394-10-06 Backward Algorithm for HMM HMM: Backward Algorithm (Farsi)with MATLAB Axon Links